Jack McAfghan: The Trilogy

Written from beyond Rainbow Bridge, the books in The Jack McAfghan Trilogy reveal the secrets to living a life full of love as well as methods of coping with life after loss. 
Join thousands of readers who have been healed from their deepest grief by the time they turn the final page.

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"Jack McAfghan: 
Reflections on Life with my Master"
Have you ever wondered where animals go when they die? Is there an afterlife for pets? As he teaches you what to expect during the process, Jack guides you gently through your grief, grows you in your faith and leaves you with a gentle smile. The book has a surprise ending which teaches you that sometimes the end of something is just the beginning of Everything.   


"The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge"
This true illustrated story helps you to recognize signs from the afterlife and helps you to realize that there is always more to life than meets the eye. 


"Jack McAfghan's 
Return from Rainbow Bridge"
Jack reveals the possibilities that exist in life and after death. He leads the reader to a higher love while teaching the art of letting go. What you learn from him you can apply to every relationship in your life for as long as you live.  



Give The Gift of Healing

What do you give someone who grieves? What can you possibly do when nothing at all seems to comfort them?

The "Jack McAfghan Trilogy" has been carefully designed by author Kate McGahan. A clinical hospice counselor for the better part of 35 years, she has helped people in their transition from this world into the next and has counseled their loved ones through the grief process. Many of those years were with her dog Jack by her side. Each book in the Trilogy is told by Jack, who walks the reader through the journey of grief with gentleness, patience and understanding.

When you read you learn. 
When you learn you grow. 
When you grow you heal. 

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"Book 1 "Reflections." THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF THE GREATEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. Touched my Heart and Soul, a True Masterpiece. The Whole Series, the books are truly inspiring....You were the Teacher I needed to find to open up the door that had been closed for so long..."  ~George K.


"Letters from Beyond Rainbow Bridge": Writing in Progress

Over the months since Jack's book, "Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master" was published (May 2015) Jack has received hundreds of letters from people who seek answers to the questions in their hearts about what really happens at Rainbow Bridge.  Do pets go to Heaven? What IS Rainbow Bridge? Is it Heaven? What really happens there? Is my pet okay? Will I ever see them again? How do I find comfort, support, faith, hope and healing?  

You will find it all in "Letters from Rainbow Bridge."  Like everything else in this life on earth, you must wait until it is ready to be presented to you.  

... and like most everything else on earth, it will be worth the wait. 

Book 3: Return from Rainbow Bridge is Now Available! Let Jack Take you to the Moon and Back.

This is the third book in the Jack McAfghan Series. As you join Jack on his journey to Rainbow Bridge and back again, he will give you a glimpse of the world to come while sharing his deep wisdom of unconditional love and the power of healing. Our story is your story too. It is the story of life, love and renewal. What you get out of his story is limited only by your beliefs. Sometimes what seems to be the ending of something is just the beginning of everything.

'My Master calls me in from the fields of green and gold. His voice is commanding. I run to Him obediently. He gives me a choice: To remain Here and continue living life as an angel in Heaven, or to return to Earth. I hesitate. I tell Him I don’t want to leave this place, especially the field at the edge of Rainbow Bridge where I keep watch for her. I don’t want to be somewhere else the day she crosses Rainbow Bridge. He makes me a promise. I know He keeps His promises, so I begin my adventure back across the Rainbow Bridge; back into the world I shared with her.'

We highly recommend you read Jack's first book "Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master" before embarking on this one, for Jack will help you to heal your grief so that you can move forward into the magic that is waiting to be discovered Beyond Rainbow Bridge.


Introducing Book 2 in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy 

Angels and spirit guides serve each and every one of us every day. This story for children of all ages will help you to see that magic exists everywhere in the world and that the end of this life is not the end of life at all.  

"Angels come in all sizes and shapes. They take all forms. They can be white with white wings, black with white wings, black with black wings. If they want to have rainbow-colored wings they can have rainbow wings, or no wings at all. Once we get to Heaven we can be whatever we want to be.
Some angels are animals; reptiles, birds, fish, insects. Angels can come to earth in any form they wish. They typically put themselves on certain earthly paths where they run into specific animals or people so that they can be in the right place at the right time to teach them and guide them."

The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 28

ExtraOrdinary Book is Designed to Heal Grieving Readers

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All the training in the world cannot touch what love can teach. An expert communicator, Jack McAfghan shares the memoirs of his four-legged life as a mixed-breed Afghan Hound. It is a love story that reveals the depth of love between a dog and its master. It glimpses the devotion between a creature and its Creator. From Obedience Classes to Agility Training to Hospice Therapy work, Jack and his master learn their lessons side by side, inevitably applying what they have learned as their own life unfolds. 

Jack's words and wisdom will comfort, inform and support those who are in the process of training a dog, learning to love, or learning to live with loss. He achieves this by presenting observations about interpersonal relationships, psychological aspects of canine behavior and by revealing the possibilities that exist in life and after death. Throughout the book Jack reminds us that by keeping one's heart in the right place and by thinking positive thoughts, we can manifest the changes needed to alter the course of our lives. 

He brings the wisdom of a lifetime to his readers and ultimately expands our tolerance and compassion for all of humanity. 

This honest and heartwarming account of Jack's life will touch anyone who has ever loved. It matters not if they have four legs or two. Jack leads us to a higher love while also teaching the art of letting go. He extends himself to every creature of the earth, each human on the planet, every spirit in the universe and most of all, to the bona fide Master over all.  

This book is a perfect gift to comfort those who have lost a pet or who are facing any kind of life or end-of-life decisions.

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